We read a lot of articles and many of them are  just a passing reality and other articles that have something about them that makes you remember parts of it always. Let us take a look at what should constitute in an article for making it memorable.

Strong Introduction

Any good article needs an interesting and strong introduction that entices you to read the whole article. Something that is really relevant and straight away gets to the point by making an outline of what is in store.

Short clear sentences

It is important for a good article to have short clear sentences and not long sentences which become difficult to comprehend. Keep all sentences clear and short and refrain from beating around the bush. A good sentence should have a subject and a verb, the subject should be introduced early and verb to help clarify what the subject is doing.

Effective punctuation

You will be amazed how much difference effective punctuation makes to a sentence and can completely change the context of the sentence. Take a simple sentence like ‘Find your soul mate ‘; this very sentence can take a completely different meaning with just a comma in it. Read this as ‘Find your soulmate ‘. Can you see how different the sentence reads just with a comma? All effective writing needs effective punctuation.

A body with substance

An article needs a good body of content. You have to have something important and relevant to say in the heart of the article that leaves a lot of take homes. You must research your subject so that you bring something novel and new to the article as today with the net virtually any subject is covered by a number of writers.

An effective conclusion

All articles finally need to be concluded effectively, so, that you sum up your article with something important that leaves a lasting impression on a reader’s mind. An effective conclusion that carries the important message of your article and concludes the article clearly.

With those points in mind you will have an effective article and to conclude end with a quote of Arthur Miller,’ If I see an ending I can work backwards’.