Retina ready is a concept introduced by the Apple Inc. This concept has pretty much quickly got on
where websites and responsive web design variables are concerned. Nowadays most of the sites are
have become responsive on any screen, and they are also retina ready. The framework of retina ready
web design:
What is retina ready?
Retina ready is a feature that gives a person a crisp and clear view of any product, text or any other web
content when enlarged. To put it in layman terms, it is more like reading a line under the magnifying
glass without any blurry or criss-cross lines in the outer section of the line.
The need of retina ready technology:
As the websites grew to adopt the responsive web designing practice where the site fits on any size
screen, the need of retina ready arose. When attempting a purchase, a person tends to zoom in the
product before the final sale. If the product is blurry around the edges, there will be a negative impact
on sales. However, if the website is responsive and retina ready, the image is blurry but crisp and clear
for the viewer.
The benefits of retina ready web designs:
– When web design incorporates retina feature, there is an availability of sharper images in
the website and the pictures or text would look as sharp as in print. There would be vivid
colors in every pixel, and it will be in high-definition.
– When retina feature is absent in websites, and a person zooms in, there will be high
pixelation blur in every image or font especially if that font cannot be stretched more than a
certain level.
– Minimalism is in vogue nowadays, and retina ready feature helps the web design achieve that effect
effortlessly. Retina does not only help in high definition but also in the brightness quotient
of the screen.

Make your web design more user-friendly using the retina ready technology and enjoy its lasting

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