Responsive web design

As the internet age has boomed, so has online marketing. So, every e-commerce seller is now tasked with the humongous duty of attracting the customers with enchanting web designs. This where the
responsive web design comes into play. The deconstructed responsive web design as given below:

Responsive web design is nothing but the logical design of the website providing seamless viewing
experience of the product or catalog to a range of viewers viewing them on any device.

The effect of responsive design in google rankings:
Since 2015, Google has made massive changes to its algorithm to incorporate any website that has
screen size friendliness in its rankings. If the site is not mobile friendly, Google will automatically lessen
the rankings in the Organic search results. This move of Google has forced businesses to maintain a
viewer-friendly mobile website.

The reasons for responsive web design:
There are several reasons for businesses to switch over to responsive web design and some of them are

  • The number of mobile users has surpassed the number of computer users in the recent decade.Every e-commerce site is now mobile friendly and enables the customer to purchase as and when they want irrespective of the time or the country.
  • It is better for Google rankings as it prefers the website with the same URL which can shrink or
    expand according to the screen size rather than different versions of the same site.
  • It encourages loyalty, if the user is satisfied with the mobile site, they are more likely to continue
    shopping on the same site without the need of hopping around different sites.

The revenue factor of web design:
Responsive web design helps the seller enjoy more revenue as the user is comfortable with their mobile
version of a particular product and do not have the need to zoom in every time. It boosts sales and
conversions due to the friendliness and responsiveness of the web design. With the help of Google
algorithm, one can generate more leads and turn that leads into sales revenue using web and marketing