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Money makes Money is the famous saying. And it is true to an extent. Shrinathji Consultancy Services is a leading Financial Consultancy. We believe in the power of money and hence look forward to helping our clients work efficiently on their money related policies and matters. We are a leading financial consultancy in Mumbai and have been working with prestigious clients since last few decades.

Our industry focussed services for private and public companies, veteran staff and top notch policies and procedures are the reasons of our success so far.


We are a bunch of experienced and friendly team who master accountancy. We provide customized Tax and Accountancy Services to small, medium and large enterprises. We also provide Accountancy Services to an individual who needs help with accounts of their proprietary business. We have worked with Startups with their business planning, we provide advice to create a scalable system which grows with a growing start-up. While working on a new business model for your startup all you need is our help and some good luck. We provide excellent Accountancy Services at affordable price.

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