SEO and Professional Content Writing

Search Engine Optimised Content – Important aspect of professional content writing.

SEO is basically SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and the algorithm used by search engines to find the relevant content of a search from information on the net. This is the most important aspect of professional content writing
Now, let us presume you have the biggest collections of books and assist people in finding whatever book they are looking for. It is obvious you will need a system of classification so as to retrieve any book of a particular reference. Search engines do this with SEO as they search the internet according to the key elements of the book like its words, titles, Links to other websites and reputation of a website.

Tips to professionally write search engine optimised content.

  • Usage of Keyword: While writing Search Engine Optimized content one must remember not to stuff the page with the words you want to highlight but use them appropriately in context. For example, the keyword for this blog is SEO writing. We have to, therefore, use SEO writing in the page a couple of times and feed it as the keyword into our website so that search engines pick it up. Now since everybody today uses SEO it has become more difficult to make sure you are on top of search engines. The criteria which search engines use are the use of the particular word, importantly the title of your post, the links from relevant content with other websites and reputation. Reputation is equally important as many websites use fake links. 
  • Striking the balance: To write SEO content professionally is striking a balance with the use of your keywords like in this context SEO writing, the title of your blog or article, key links from relevant content websites and reputation. So to be relevant to SEO algorithms in search criteria is to get all its metrics in play.
  • Yoast Plug in: Some of the things you can do for effective SEO writing is first using the Yoast SEO plug- in. It will check both the readability and SEO friendliness of your written content. Next, use synonyms, don’t keep using your SEO keyword over and over again, you will get Panda penalty. It is detected as STUFFING. Adapt to the language of your audience. If you are writing for children be readable for children on the other hand if you are writing a scientific journal use the language appropriate for a Ph. D student. Balance your focus keywords.
  • Usage of internal links: If you have some cornerstone content article covering your subject use its links so that it gets connected with the algorithm search criteria of search engines. Finally, make a clear call to action. This is important so that you get the desired results from your content. If you keep these few tips in mind, you can surely improvise on the google page rank.
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