Human beings are very perceptive in nature. So, if you see someone in a neat suit with proper dressing sense you have an idea of that person being rich and having social mannerism, which may be totally opposite to the person that he is. He might not be rich or may not like what he/she is wearing but we perceive him depending upon the image he created. That is how Social Media today works. It is all about perception. How do we as normal human beings create a persona which is real and interesting is the question. There are many cheat sheets on how should we do personal branding on Social Media. Or many of you will ask why would you do personal branding on Social Media. The answer to this question is

“Even if you do not create deliberately, your image on social media is created by what you share on any platform.”

So, if you share many memes, you are perceived to be a funny person. If you keep sharing your family pics then you may be considered as a person with a great bond with your family. If you constantly share workout videos,you are sure to be branded as a fitness freak.

The first and the foremost thing you should decide before starting personal branding is your stance on social media. Whether you want to impress or impact. Once your motto is fixed, it is easy to go ahead with the social media post planning.

“But I am just a normal person why should I need social media? “

With technology giving us these amazing tools, we should be taking the baton of change in our hands. There are many people in the world who despite having regular jobs are doing their bit in changing the society or working in the causes that they feel are close to their hearts.

This is how you can leverage social media

  • By sharing meaningful content on your social feed which includes WhatsApp, Facebook
  • Find the right groups to find proper audience and also to get in touch of current developments in different fields.
  • Keeping your images and profiles consistent across the social media platforms helps you control people’s perception about you. If the images do not represent you on any particular platform then it can damage the reputation
  • Creating or curating an engaging content and sharing it.

Sharing different content across different platforms is a turn off for a person following you. You have to be consistent. The content that we share needs to be shareable. 🙂 How to create content that would be shared?

Please stay tuned for the next blog.