Social Media

Social media is addictive space but at the same time it is a very informative space. Recently, I read a book called “Subtle Art of Not Giving F*ck” as the name suggests, it is a book about how

we are worried about our impression on social media and how instead we should be focussed on being ourselves and cherish our space on the virtual platforms.

It is indeed easier said than done.

The Teenager Transformation:

The sudden surge of social media has transformed all of us into teenagers who constantly worry about how they look, how they are dressed, is their selfie correct, does it look impressive and so on.

And then there are umpteen filters that are used to make that selfie look flawless and yes the mission for the day is accomplished.

There is one more tribe in this teenager transformation which is always enthusiastic about posting their whereabouts. For example, the hotels they visit, the food they eat and the people they are with.

Tagging is a wonderful feature in Facebook where you can tag a friend to check out something you want them to see. I personally love tagging because it brings in my friends into conversation.

But if that tagging is done just to show off something to someone, it is detrimental to your social media persona. So, here comes a question.

What is my social media persona and how do I create it.

Social Media Persona:

Well, there will be an elaborate post on what is a Social Media Persona and how can you create it. But before that people remember you as your persona. Some general traits of human beings are reliable, trustworthy, responsible, dependable.

If you post something which is way beyond people’s imagination of you, they will not relate to the Social Media persona that you would like to create.

So, the main thing is to stay relevant and real at any point of time. Staying real is the name of the game in today’s social media world.

Choosing Platforms:

Linkedin –
  • Linkedin can be used for professional updates.
  • If you are looking for jobs, freelance assignments Linkedin is the best platform.
  • Using hashtags help you categorize the content.
Facebook –
  • Facebook is wonderful for being a part of different communities
  • Knowing new businesses
  • As a marketplace
  • For reaching out to a huge crowd in your city as well as throughout the country
  • Hashtags help to categorize the content
  • Facebook stories are a fun way to introduce stuff to your audience.
Twitter –
  • Twitter is a wonderful platform for people wanting to write less
  • It is a place for political opinions, consumer complaints, feedbacks and a lot of fun
  • If you are good at short messages, twitter is the way to go
Instagram –
  • Instagram is all about good pictures and hashtags
  • While using Instagram, taking hashtags seriously is the best thing one can do.
Pinterest – 
  • All about pics and good content, Pinterest is my favourite social media platforms
  • It is chick and classy.
  • Difficult to use and increase the following but wonderful as an experience.

There are many more, but we use this one very seriously:

WhatsApp –

WhatsApp has been a part of our life for at least 5-6 years now. From forwarding jokes, to forming groups, to finding your tribe of friends, the journey with WhatsApp has been exhilarating. It is the go-to chat option. But WhatsApp has much more. One can use WhatsApp for business as neatly as personal WhatsApp and get many customers through it.

The new feature “WhatsApp Status” is equivalent to Facebook Stories, if used correctly can help you garner the attention and engage your audience.

Who should use WhatsApp?

  • Small to Medium businesses.
  • Freelancers
  • Homepreneurs
  • Artists

Most of our productive time is spent on Whatsapp. As most of them say, it is a waste of time, we would say, if used wisely, it is the best way to spend time….

Stay tuned to know how…