Professional Content Writing

The best website generates leads from its very content. Inbound marketing is the key to your success. Have you heard of ‘The analogy of the Professor ‘? He tried to demonstrate in a class the challenges to fit rock,pebbles, sand and water into a jar effectively. Now the rocks, pebbles, sand and water are metaphorically the elements of inbound marketing that should generate your leads through its content.

Lead Capture

An important aspect of generating leads from you content is getting information from your audience. Studies have shown that if you don’t capture leads through your call to action, your website is basically being ineffective. An important aspect of writing effective content is having some engagement with your audience and asking them to share with you some information about themselves. This will give you potentially an opening to address your audience again with more persuasive content through a newsletter or email. Important rules here to remember are we must give something worthwhile before asking for something and every process of your inbound marketing process must be valuable.

Lead Magnetics

A successful inbound marketing campaign should have lead magnets. Lead magnets really are providing some value to your customers in exchange of getting something from them like information. Some examples of business magnets is like giving Free Trials, Training Videos, ebooks, webinars , white papers , Interview with an expert and bonus tips. Lead magnets are very effective and even if you don’t get any engagement with lead captures, you are sure to catch many of your prospective clients through effective lead magnets.

Landing Page Conversion Technique

Successful enterprises successfully use effective landing page conversion techniques. Now the landing page is not your website but the page someone lands on after clicking an advert on your page. You can have effective content here to convert your lead into a sale. You can learn about effective landing conversion techniques from It is a comprehensive site with all guidance to effectively help your conversion through your landing page. Landing pages serves as a dual purpose, to effectively capture leads and warm up customers for conversion.

Lead Scoring

This is a component achieved by marketing automation software’s which priorities your leads according to the engagement with customers. It helps you with your content to select who is ready to buy. It has to be set up properly. It works by quantifying information with points according to the engagement with your customers and tells you the status of your customer’s inclination.
If you keep these rocks, pebbles, sand and water in mind as elements to fit inside a jar for effective inbound marketing, you are sure on the road to success to effectively generating leads from your professional content writing.