Keywords and their relevance have become very important in the contemporary online platform for content. As metric of SEO, effectively using keywords in your content writing article separates it from your competition among other metrics for your SERP or search engine rank position. So using keywords effectively is a great skill in contemporary writing for the online platform.  You must be careful though not to stuff your article with your keyword, which suggestively is referred to stuffing in SEO language and you will get Panda penalty points for the same. So using keywords appropriately is a skill but not rocket science and as you write more, you will get the hang of writing your keywords effectively.

A keyword is used in the indexing of your article for online platforms and has to be relevant in context of what your article is about. Effective content writing is the catchword for an effective article than one that never reaches anybody. The popular place where keywords are used is while blogging which is the most popular form of short writing today.

Effective content has got to have good take home and content value apart from its other metrics of construction in intro, body, and conclusion. A good article uses its keywords to be relevant and effective making it the most valuable article on the net in its domain which is the objective of effective online content writing. There has got to be a clear plan with what you want to say and presented in articulate simplicity that the keywords just become part of the backdrop of your content and don’t stick out as fish out of the water!

Use your keywords wisely so that they serve the purpose of it being a SEO metric but comes out as part of the larger content with nothing contrived. You can start by writing short 350 blogs with a heading and a keyword in mind. Use the keyword in the first paragraph and somewhere in the body of your article, with a few attempts you will realize how easy it is and how beautifully it will work for you.