There are regular features on how to generate income through content writing and your website but as the internet evolves trends keep changing. To effectively monetise from your website one must be aware of the changing trends in the market.

Let us look at 7 effective ways to generate income from your website in 2017.

Affiliate Links– One of the best methods is by becoming an affiliate partner relevant to your business. Do not get confused with the word, affiliate partner, it means becoming a partner with a product or services that is similar or relevant to your content. You get a commission for your referral by recommending the product which also helps your audience in getting results and builds your credibility. Honesty is much appreciated and if your recommendation is helpful you most likely will convert a casual visitor into a long time customer.

Stop focusing on quantity but quality – Most people are very keen to build their following but studies show it is much more beneficial to have 1000 relevant customers of your domain than millions of unengaged general audience. You can achieve this by constantly providing content which your audience seeks to read.

Conducting Workshops– It takes time to build trust but a great way to start is by conducting workshops and online webinars that are relevant to your business. Some tools which can help are Webinarjam, Easy Webinar and Webinar Ally.

Cost Per Click Advertising– Yes, CPC or cost per click advertising is still relevant and a good source of revenue for websites in 2017. You get revenue every time somebody clicks on an advert on your website through Google Adsense or Infolinks.

Sponsored Content– Sponsored content is a great way to get revenue for your website; some of the big names in the field are Cooperatize and Taboola. Studies have shown that adverts generally get ignored by the audience but sponsored content get more engagement and more visibility.

Cost-Per-Mille Ads- CPM really means cost per thousand impressions which works on how much traffic your blog generates. It offers you 75 % of revenue share and has no minimum traffic that is mandatory. You can further have your unsold space with Adsense CPC so, you are always generating revenue and Ad Sense also offers you CPM.

Email Advertising- Email Advertising is sending commercial content to your network. It can be used for sending advertisements, solicit sales or request business. They fall into two categories; traditional advertising and sponsored content, both are equally effective. Email advertising doesn’t take up any space on your website and their engagement rate tends to be higher.

As the World Wide Web evolves, trends on how to generate income through it also keep changing, but if you concentrate on the above suggestions, you are sure to be in the business and generate revenue from your website. All you need here is a clear goal and a good marketing budget ;).

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